Themed Cake Tables

At Deluxe Flower Walls, we understand that a celebration cake is a centrepiece that deserves its own stage. Our "Themed Cake Tables" are the embodiment of this philosophy, combining art and elegance to provide your cake the prominence it merits.

Our cake tables are thoughtfully designed to cater to the uniqueness of every event and every client:

  • Themes Galore: Whether you're envisioning a vintage vibe, dreaming of a fairytale fantasy, or leaning towards a minimalist modern look, our cake tables adapt to a multitude of themes, ensuring a harmonious addition to your celebration’s decor.

  • Bespoke Creations: Your event is unique, and so should be your cake table. Share your vision with us, and we'll transform it into a bespoke piece that not only holds your cake but also holds the gaze of every guest.

  • Statement Elegance: More than their functionality, our cake tables are crafted to be captivating centrepieces. Designed to infuse your event with a 'wow' factor, they are sure to spark conversations and admiration.

Our commitment to delivering excellence extends beyond boundaries. Whether your event is set against the historical backdrop of Kent, in the vibrant boroughs of London, amidst the serene landscapes of Surrey, or in the lively areas of Essex, we assure that your cake table will be a highlight.

Enhance the appeal of your cake table with our range of complementary services:

  • Flower Walls: The perfect backdrop to any cake table, our flower walls add a picturesque charm and elegance, setting the ideal tone for your event.

  • Bespoke Floral Accessories: From custom welcome signs to bespoke floral hoops, our accessories are designed to seamlessly blend with your event's theme, enhancing the overall aesthetic.

  • Tailored Design Services: At Deluxe Flower Walls, we are skilled in customising not just your cake table but the entire event space to align with your theme, ensuring a cohesive and stunning setting.

At Deluxe Flower Walls, we believe that your cake deserves a presentation as delightful as its taste. Our Themed Cake Tables are not just about displaying your cake; they are about elevating it into a memorable feature of your celebration.

For a cake presentation that is as memorable as its flavour, trust in the artistry of Deluxe Flower Walls. Experience the difference in craftsmanship and creativity that we bring to every event.

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