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Welcome to Deluxe Flower Walls, the heart and soul behind your exquisite event backdrops. I'm Hayley, and it's a pleasure to meet you.

Born out of a passion for creating memorable moments, Deluxe Flower Walls blossomed into existence in 2019 as a natural extension of our thriving party planning business, Mascot Moments. Our journey began with the vision to bring a flourish of floral elegance to every celebration, and since then, we've become a cherished part of countless events.

Our debut creation, the Blush Draped Flower Wall, captured hearts with its delicate white drapes interwoven with silk pink, blush, and cream flowers. This initial success was a sign of things to come; we have since crafted a diverse array of flower walls, each with its own story and style.

From the rolling hills of Kent to the bustling streets of London, from the vibrant communities of Essex and Surrey to the charming locales of Hertfordshire and Sussex, our flower walls have graced venues with elegance and flair. Our mission has always been to transform spaces into enchanting settings that resonate with the grandeur of your events.

Having been a party organiser for many years, I can genuinely say it's been my dream job. There's a certain magic in bringing joy to people's lives through celebration. Now, as we venture into organising adult events, our dream has expanded. We're not just about parties; we're about experiences - comprehensive, curated, and captivating.

At Deluxe Flower Walls, we pride ourselves on offering the full package. From meticulous planning and sophisticated styling to providing top-notch entertainment, we ensure that every aspect of your event is covered with excellence and panache.

As we continue to grow and innovate, we invite you to explore our world of flower walls, where beauty is cultivated and celebrations are transformed into visual poetry.

Let's make your next event not just a day to remember, but a masterpiece to behold. Get in touch with us, and together, let's create something breathtaking.

Warm regards,

Hayley and the Deluxe Flower Walls Team

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