Grass Wall

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Louise Norris
very professional and goes that extra mile to help their customers
Astel-marie Stripe
Fantastic displays & can work with a variety of colours schemes. Love the personal touch & professional attention to detail - great for any occasion and event x
Claire Arney
A massive thank you to Hayley for providing the beautiful finishing touches to our special day. The flower wall and sign were the perfect backdrop to wedding cake and dessert table; the sweet cart was amazing and was a massive hit with all guests! And the welcome sign was simply stunning
Tony Handley
Reliable and professional
Jessica Maddox
Professional, reliable, stunning walls and props x
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Grass Wall

Embrace the timeless beauty of nature with our Grass Wall, a natural and versatile backdrop perfect for adding a touch of greenery to weddings, gender-neutral baby showers, and unisex parties.

Elegantly Natural: Our Grass Wall offers a lush, vibrant backdrop that brings the freshness of the outdoors inside. Its natural appearance makes it an ideal choice for events seeking a touch of organic elegance.

Customisable to Fit Your Theme: The beauty of our Grass Wall lies in its versatility. With the option to add additional flowers and signage, it can be tailored to complement any event theme or colour scheme, making it a truly bespoke decoration piece. Explore our flower walls for more customisation options.

Flexible Sizing for Any Space: Available in a range of sizes, our Grass Wall can accommodate spaces of any dimension, ensuring a perfect fit for your event, whether it's a grand banquet hall or a cozy outdoor setting.

Ideal for Any Celebration: From the solemnity of weddings to the joy of baby showers and the casual fun of unisex parties, this Grass Wall serves as a stunning backdrop, adding depth and character to your event photos and memories.

Serving the South East with Nature's Best: Deluxe Flower Walls is proud to offer this exquisite Grass Wall across London, Kent, Essex, Surrey, and the broader South East region. Our dedication to bringing unparalleled beauty to your doorstep makes us the preferred choice for event decorations.

More Than Just a Wall: In addition to our Grass Wall, Deluxe Flower Walls provides a comprehensive suite of decor services, including LED dance floors, personalised floral hoops, and custom signage to elevate your event to the next level.

For those seeking to infuse their celebration with the elegance of natural beauty, our Grass Wall is the perfect solution. To discover how we can customise our Grass Wall for your event or to explore our full range of decor solutions, contact us today. Let us help you create an event that is as unforgettable as it is beautiful.

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