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Louise Norris
very professional and goes that extra mile to help their customers
Astel-marie Stripe
Fantastic displays & can work with a variety of colours schemes. Love the personal touch & professional attention to detail - great for any occasion and event x
Tony Handley
Reliable and professional
Daisy Jackman
Thank you so much for today! We all had a lovely baby shower / 4th birthday party!
Jessica Maddox
Professional, reliable, stunning walls and props x
Our Price: £100.00
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Immerse your event in the enchanting world beneath the waves with our Mermaid Tepee Tent, a magical addition designed to captivate the imaginations of mermaid enthusiasts and young dreamers alike. Ideal for themed birthday parties, imaginative playdates, or a mystical touch to any gathering, this tepee tent invites guests to dive into an undersea adventure filled with wonder and discovery.

Key Features of the Mermaid Tepee Tent:

  • Enchanting Undersea Theme: Adorned with hues of the ocean, sparkling accents, and mystical mermaid motifs, this tepee tent transports children to a magical underwater kingdom where they can swim with the mermaids and treasure their playtime adventures.
  • Spacious Oceanic Realm: Offering ample space for little mermaids and mermen to explore, the tent is a cozy cove for storytelling, crafting sea-themed treasures, or simply dreaming of the ocean's depths.
  • Hassle-Free Setup for Immediate Adventure: With an emphasis on convenience, the Mermaid Tepee Tent is designed for easy assembly and disassembly, allowing the mystical sea journey to begin in any indoor or outdoor setting without delay.
  • Durable Design for Endless Exploration: Crafted from high-quality materials, this tepee tent withstands the excitement of underwater exploration, ensuring it remains a cherished part of countless adventures.
  • Versatile Use Across Events: Beyond its appeal for themed celebrations, this tepee tent serves as an engaging play area or a tranquil retreat, inspiring creativity and a love for the mysteries of the sea in everyday play.

Serving London, Kent, Essex, Surrey, and the broader South East region, Deluxe Flower Walls offers the Mermaid Tepee Tent alongside a diverse array of event decor and entertainment options. From captivating flower walls that transform any venue into a dreamy seascape to LED dance floors that light up your celebration with the colors of the ocean, our selection is tailored to make your event unforgettable.

To invite the magic of the mermaid kingdom to your next celebration with our Mermaid Tepee Tent, or to discover how our extensive range of styling services can enhance your event, contact us today. Let's create a magical underwater adventure where every guest can let their imagination swim free.

£100 for 2 Teepee Tents. Each additional tent will be an extra £30.

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