Vanilla Gold Sequin Wall

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2.4M x 2.4M

Tony Handley
Reliable and professional
Astel-marie Stripe
Fantastic displays & can work with a variety of colours schemes. Love the personal touch & professional attention to detail - great for any occasion and event x
Daisy Jackman
Thank you so much for today! We all had a lovely baby shower / 4th birthday party!
Claire Arney
A massive thank you to Hayley for providing the beautiful finishing touches to our special day. The flower wall and sign were the perfect backdrop to wedding cake and dessert table; the sweet cart was amazing and was a massive hit with all guests! And the welcome sign was simply stunning
Jessica Maddox
Professional, reliable, stunning walls and props x
Our Price: £100.00
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Vanilla Gold Sequin Wall

Elevate your event with the understated elegance of our Vanilla Gold Sequin Wall. This exquisite backdrop combines the soft allure of vanilla hues with the luxurious shimmer of gold, creating a sophisticated and inviting atmosphere perfect for weddings, anniversary parties, and upscale corporate events. The subtle interplay of light on the sequins adds a warm glow to any venue, enhancing the ambiance and setting a tone of refined elegance.

The Vanilla Gold Sequin Wall is not just a backdrop but a statement piece that enriches your event's theme and colour palette. Its versatile design works beautifully in both daylight and under evening lighting, ensuring your guests are immersed in a captivating setting throughout the event. Whether it's serving as a stunning photo backdrop or enhancing the overall decor of a gala, this sequin wall adds a touch of glamour without overwhelming the senses.

At Deluxe Flower Walls, we specialise in creating bespoke event experiences. The Vanilla Gold Sequin Wall can be perfectly paired with other decor elements from our collection to create a cohesive look. Consider matching it with our elegant flower walls for a natural touch or our LED dance floors to keep the celebration vibrant and lively.

Available for hire throughout London, Kent, Essex, Surrey, and the broader South East region, our Vanilla Gold Sequin Wall is ready to bring a luxurious dimension to your next celebration. To book this exquisite decor piece or to explore additional options to enhance your event's style, contact us today.


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